WedgeWands® Interproximal Wedges has taken another step forward in improving the ease to achieve tight, natural contacts. The anatomical, adaptable WedgeWands® were created from a "wish list" of performance features collected from dentists. WedgeWands are a simple, straight-forward solution to the difficult task of achieving proper seal and separation during dental procedures.

  • The Wand applicator provides the simplest placement technique ever. No instrument, no hassles!
  • The most anatomical shape available
  • Patient-friendly features to reduce trauma to the papilla

Try our NEW 3D Fusion wedge - two materials are fused together to produce the perfect combination of adaptability and retention.

Wedge Wands® Kit
400 wedges (100 of each).  
Wedge Wands Yellow Refill - X-small
Bulk: 300 count. Standard: 100 count.
Wedge Wands Blue Refill - Small
Bulk: 300 count. Standard: 100 count.
Wedge Wands Orange Refill - Medium
Bulk: 300 count. Standard: 100 count.
Wedge Wands Green Refill - Large
Bulk: 300 count. Standard: 100 count.  

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