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  • New Tofflemire-Style Matrix Kit

    Slick Bands™ Tofflemire-Style Matrices Kit A new Tofflemire-style matrix band kit from Garrison Dental Solutions provides a very thin (.0014") non-stick matrix band for every type of restoration. Utilizing Slick Bands™ non-stick technology the kit contains #1 Universal, #2 Sub-Gingival, #13 Pedodontic and the all new... Read more
  • Tooth shield aids in minimally invasive dentistry

    The new FenderWedge ® interproximal tooth shield from Garrison Dental Solutions plays an important role in minimally invasive Class II composite restorations. Contact with the adjacent tooth is often not broken during preparation of small Class II lesions. This remaining contact can make it difficult to insert... Read more
  • Anterior Matrix Holds Securely

    Blue View™ Grip Strips™ by Garrison Dental Solutions are designed to simplify Class III and IV anterior restorations by securely holding in place. The blue tinted polyester strip has an integrated positioning stop on the end that grips the interproximal space to prevent inadvertent matrix slippage. In addition its... Read more
  • Blue View Transparent Matrices for Class II, III, IV & V

    Garrison Dental Solutions has introduced an entire line of transparent matrices called Blue View™. The Blue View project is a major step forward in Garrison’s goal to provide innovative solutions for every matrix need whether for Class II, III, IV or V restorations. An important feature common to all of the new Blue... Read more
  • Nonstick Matrix Bands Prevent Composite Sticking

    Modern bonding agents can do more than bond composite to tooth structure. They can also stick to the matrix band, often making them very difficult to remove. Slick Bands™ from Garrison Dental Solutions prevents this by applying a micro-thin coating to their popular stainless steel matrix bands. Testing of more than 20... Read more
  • Composi-Tight® 3D Thin Tine G-Ring® Retains On Difficult Teeth

    The new Composi-Tight® 3D Thin Tine G-Ring® from Garrison Dental Solutions has been developed as part of the Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System to expand the systems versatility. The patented burnished tips provide significantly increased tooth gripping power to allow the ring to stay firmly seated in... Read more
  • FenderWedge® provides simple, effective protection

    FenderWedge® Interproximal Tooth Shields from Garrison Dental Solutions protect adjacent teeth for a variety of procedures. The plastic wedge portion is inserted using the same method as any regular we dge and keeps the shield firmly in place. FenderWedge's stainless steel shield protects the adjacent tooth from... Read more