"Bob's" Double Cord Packer Instrument

"With both blades on one end, all I have to do is twist it and keep going.Dr. Robert “Bob” Margeas
A simple twist of the instrument allows you to maneuver around the tooth without ever leaving your field of view. It’s absolutely perfect for use with loupes and microscopes. Keeping the instrument in the mouth lessens the likelihood of injuring the patient versus flipping it. Not to mention it’s faster too! It’s all possible because the combined blade length has been kept as short as possible
Narrow blades do not injure the sulcus while packing cord around small teeth and irregularities. Thin blades (serrated end) and ultra-thin blades (non-serrated end) slide along firm and healthy sulcus with less trauma. The large diameter lightweight handle’s improved ergonomics reduce hand fatigue and give you better tactile control.

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  • Double Cord Packer

    Double Cord Packer

    “Bob’s Double Cord Packer”



    SKU: TN010


    SKU: TN010

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